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The Ethnographic Atlas of the Basque Country was released in book format, with volumes of between 750 and 1150 pages with double columns and an average of between 200 and 500 illustrations.

  • Family Diet: 780 pg. 257 illustrations.
  • Children’s Games: 936 pg. 299 illustrations.
  • Funeral Rites: 848 pg. 262 illustrations.
  • Rites from Birth to Marriage: 824 pg. 260 illustrations.
  • Livestock Farming and Shepherding: 1022 pg. 409 illustrations.
  • Popular Medicine: 752 pg. 196 illustrations.
  • House and Family: 1054 pg. 518 illustrations.
  • Agriculture: 1142 pg. 424 illustrations.

This digital version of the early volumes is the result of a partnership agreement between Labayru Fundazioa and Petronor, the oil and gas company based in Bizkaia.

A wiki format has been chosen as it will allow expansions in the long-term and create links between the content considered separately according to the themes, but interrelated. And graphic material can be included that has been discarded in each volume for reasons of space and budget.

Another new feature is that summaries of each chapter in three languages – English, French and Basque – are included alongside the full version in Spanish.

* * *

The texts that make up this extensive work have been produced over more than thirty years, and it should therefore be born in mind that some of the data collected and here presented might seem anachronistic, particularly information contained in sections dealing with transformations. The past thirty years have given us countless innovations that have transformed our daily lives today; and conversely, some customary practices of times gone by have gradually been discontinued.

Fieldwork and publication dates are given in the presentation of research topics, so that all data provided are properly placed in time.