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The present volume focuses on food and eating habits within the family, including ritual meals, celebrations and lifestyles.

The following research areas are covered: organisation of food intake, praying at family mealtimes, traditional bread making; domestic slaughtering of animals; milk and dairy products, especially cheese; consumption and preservation of vegetable products; preparation and preservation of eggs; consumption of aquatic life, both marine and fresh water species; mushrooms and snails; preparation of meals for the household; types of beverages; use of different forms of tobacco; and ritual meals and food. Stated briefly, the study concerns itself with family diet and the changes to the household food system that took place during the 20th century.

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Fieldwork conducted in 74 localities (Álava: 13; Bizkaia: 19; Gipuzkoa: 8; Navarre: 21; Northern Basque Country: 13). Research campaign carried out in 1987. Date of publication: 1990. Date of reprint: 1999.